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Michigan Pickleball Association is a non-profit corporation and the official state association for pickleball in Michigan. The general mission is to promote the development and growth of pickleball. Your membership helps support growing programs, developing clubs, leagues and educational programs, and increasing participant opportunities in pickleball events.  Please join today, be a part of this fun, social, active community, and know that your membership supports one of the fastest growing sports in the state of Michigan. Thank you! 0-0-2 Play on!

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MPA Membership for one person for one year.  $24

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MPA Membership for one person for five years.  $99

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Advantages and Benefits 

Learn more about the value of being a member of Michigan Pickleball

Connect and Network

We are connected to over 5000 pickleball contacts across our Website, Social Media, Email, and Newsletter channels.  This provides a powerful base for advertising and connecting to players, places to play, clubs, lessons, leagues, tournaments and more.


Grow Pickleball 

We are better together.  To grow pickleball we leverage best practices, processes, and experiences from around state.  We continue to see new courts and new clubs being created all across the state.  The association brings orgnization to our growth.


Get the Newsletter

We started with an enewsletter and built an audiance of nearly 3000 recipients.  Today that enewsletter is sent out through a paid professional system.  Get the newsletter and stay connected. Learn what is happening in Michigan Pickelball.


Use our Social Media space

Our Facebook group has connected with over 2000 players, groups, clubs, and pros.  From there you can connect to other clubs and events in your area. Our vision is to connect with over 10,000 pickleball players here in Michigan on social media. 


Bring the Tournament 

We hope to bring a new major tournament to the state.  Michigan Pickleball will be a top ten pickleball destination as we grow events across the entire state.  We have studied a new business strategy that looks beyond  competing with one another.  Conversely, we need to support and synergize the best clubs and events in Michigan.   


Build a new Location

We have a vision for a new Pickelball super complex with indoor and outdoor courts for year round play.  Our hope is too create the largest inddor pickleball court facility in the USA.  Currently that record is held by Club Pickleball USA in Utah with 15 indoor courts. We hope to build in phases going from 16,  to 24, and then 32.