Introducing the Michigan Pickleball (MPA) team

Blair Cremeens 

President, Founder and CEO

Blair Cremeens is the founder of Michigan Pickleball,  the USA Pickleball District Ambassador for Eastern Michigan,  a PPR certified  pickleball Professional,  a Lifetime Athletic pickleball pro,  and the Captain of the Jesters pickleball league.  

Morn Cremeens

Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Morn is an active player and organizes several leagues.  She has been playing for 5 years and plays about 3 times a week. She enjoys tournament play, competitive leagues, and growing the sport.

Pam Mackowski

Newsletter Editor

Pam has been playing for many years, is a USA Pickleball Ambassador, works on tournaments and is the editor of the MPA monthly newsletter.  She has run many groups and continues be an active part of pickleball growth in MI.  She began playing pickleball in 2008 while vacationing in Arizona.